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Hello everyone and welcome to the new look www.danielwatt.com website.
This Is The Official Website of International Musician, Yamaha Brand Ambassador,
Recording Artist & Photographer Daniel Watt FLCM.

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About Daniel
With over 21 years of professional experience as a concert musician & product demonstrator. Daniel is a familiar name on the organ & keyboard circuit in the UK.
But not only that Daniel has appeared on the international stage alongside artists such as Franz Lambert, Curt Prina, Claudia Hirschfeld, Tony Fenelon, Hector Olivera, Brian Sharp & Bill Horn in the USA, Germany, Spain, Holland & Canada.
Daniel is now a Yamaha Brand Ambassador & product specialist for Yamaha Europe GmbH (UK) and tours across Europe with a Tyros5 Organ.

Daniel’s Concert & Dancing CD’s
DW Nabucco AWDW Glory Of Love AWDW Caledonia AWDW Always On My Mind AWDW Nocturne AWDW Immortal AWDW Hey AWDW Gentle Jazz Mood AWWater Is Wide Front CoverStepping Out Art WorkDW New Direction AWDW Love Is Like Music AWDW At The Console AWpasted-graphicDW Romance AWBefore CoverElan CoverDW Let's Dance AWCalifornia CoverGames That Lovers Play CoverAquarius CoverPavane Cover
Daniel has produced many recordings through his own recording studio & label "Delapre Studios" not only for him self but also for a wide range of other artists.

Daniel's own recordings cover a huge range of musical styles from Jazz & Pop to Classical & Strict Tempo Ballroom
Daniel’s Concert DVD’s
DW New Direction DVD AWDW Live In Concert DVD Front
Daniel’s Yamaha Teaching DVD’s
GTKY Tyros 5 AW
Daniel’s Korg Teaching DVD’s
DW Getting To Know Your Korg PA3x AWDW Songbook ExplainedDW Getting To PA900

Delapre Logo 1

Delapre Studios
Delapre Studios was originally set up by Daniel to produce his own CD’s but shortly after starting the studio he realised that there was a real need for a studio that“Specialises” in small runs (200 CD’s or less) for artists who don’t want huge amounts of CD’s like 500 or 1500 but just want maybe 100 CD’s at a time.
Others soon realised what a great idea this was and soon other artists appeared on the record label including Peter Hayward, Penny Weedon, Michael Brent, Ian Griffin , Richard Bower, Johannes Freitag & Esquin Rijnaard to list but a few.